the anonymous collective Paradisiartificiali is pleased to present you its project exposed at the exhibition “Shape Your Life!” at the National Museum of 21st Century Art – Rome, for ALCANTARA.
Curators: Alcantara Art Director Giulio Cappellini and Domitilla Dardi, Design Curator of MAXXI.

Together with other 7 designers, Paradisiartificiali was selected through a competition and invited to design a project which would answer this question:

“Could design contribute to making us feel at home away from home?”

This question was based on the acknowledgement of the increasingly nomadic nature of our modern lifestyle, which often sees us spending more time out of the house than in the house. The challenge of the exhibition is to interpret new scenarios of “(con)temporary” living, the “outside” where we now spend most of our time.

Paradisiartificiali conceived and designed an accessorized habitat to improve, as requested, the sense of “home” in places we share with others.
Our habitat is inspired by the Cinema, where often moments of utter intimacy can born, (just like at home!).

Our answer is the project KISS! CAMERA! ACTION!

We would greatly appreciate if you could publish our project on your blog.



When the lights go down
there are places where
sounds and images start to dance
on the surface of thin fabric.

Each projection is not an illusion but magic
that can inspire our thoughts and our gestures.
Plunged into darkness, the entire audience enters the same dream,
sharing the same emotions and, in the end, the same reawakening.

This experience makes cinema
a marvellous collective ritual
in which moments
of utter intimacy are born.

If we can give in to our heart,
we will fill an entire void
and, suddenly, each place
will become a home.