Are you sitting Comfortably?

Knelt-Naturally Adapting to You

Ubiquity Design Studio was founded in 2010 by Tim Spencer, an industrial designer whose chosen style and ethos is based on simplicity, elegance and the belief that design should have a true human function. Fittingly, the design studio’s launch product is Knelt™, a contemporary seating and desk range aimed at enhancing neutral posture in children and adults.

Sustainability and Resilience through design
Ubiquity Design Studio prides itself on a mission to ‘create contemporary and sustainable products in resilient materials, which follow elegant simplicity with lasting style’. Coinciding with these values, the Knelt™ range is beautifully constructed in veneered moulded ply with a focus on utilising high-quality, healthy and natural materials that are sustainably sourced and produced by a British manufacturer. This allows Knelt™ to maintain an extended life span, as it can be sanded down and protected with hard wax oil adopting a ‘wearing in, not wearing out’ approach to design. Appropriately, this concept encourages consumers to conserve the environment by counteracting the disposable, throwaway culture that we live in.

Modern design aesthetic and innovative concept
The Knelt™ range is influenced somewhat by Scandinavia, which is characterised by beautiful, simple, clean and minimalistic designs that prioritise functionality without eliminating quality. As a result of this, Knelt™ promotes a kneeling position, which is emulated in Yoga and martial arts like Aikido, where correct posture and breathing techniques are practiced to nurture a healthy mind and body. Therefore, the function of the Knelt™ range is to demonstrate to the consumer what a good posture feels like, as this can be potentially habit forming for life. Additionally, the form of the Knelt™ range offers the consumer a timeless and contemporary piece of furniture that is in keeping with modern sensibilities and as a result will complement most design savvy home interiors.

Posture Benefits
Tim Spencer is both a design graduate and a trained paediatric nurse. Consequently, he understands the importance of encouraging a neutral posture in the early years of spinal development. As a result of his medical expertise, Tim has designed the Knelt™ range with an angled stool, which provides a comfortable and suitable position for the spine as it tilts the users pelvis slightly so that their lower back is flat. In addition to this, the Knelt™ range also incorporates a slanted desk, which promotes better functional postural position for the user, as unlike a flat desk they no longer need to ‘hunch’ in order to work. Therefore, when the Knelt™ is used over time it can help the user to eliminate back and neck pressure caused by improper posture.

Constructed using veneered moulded plywood; Knelt™ is durable, compact and lightweight. This makes the Knelt™ range highly adaptable as the user can manoeuvre the workstation around the home according to their needs. In addition to this, Knelt™ has no moving or adjustable parts as it is designed to naturally adapt to the users growth allowing them to find their optimum position, whilst also maintaining a healthy posture. This is attainable, as Knelt™ has been designed using anthropometric measurements. Consequently, as the user grows, their position changes advancing back on the stool slope and moving their work or device forward on the desk. This innovative design makes ‘Knelt™ child’ suitable for children from the ages of three to 10.
‘Knelt™ adult’ is also suitable for users from the age of 11 upwards, meaning Knelt™ is an ideal investment for the whole family, as it encourages healthy posture and holistic wellbeing.

Where is it available?
The Knelt™ range is currently available through online retailers including Nubie, Home Garden Living, MyDeco and from the official website at http://www.ubiquitydesignstudio.co.uk/