This project is KNITMOLD. You must wonder a lot that why molds need to be knitted. Mold is cold, and knitting is full of hand-made warmth. What we want to do is adding some passion into traditional manufacturing processing which is emotionless.

We wonder that if the mold is rope, maybe it can be knit. Different from manufacturing by traditional mold, we pour epoxy into temporary mold and knit it. After finish its shape, open the mold by break it. Finally, create series of chairs with unique shape and structure. To make it can be close to produced by industrial manufacturing, the raw material and process we use in our original process are both by standardizing.

To design our furnitures, we find out some familiar shapes of what lines can be made in our daily life.

We design three special chairs with some unique structures like knitting, rope, and bridge which are really hard to achieve by normal mold processing. Finally, we let mass production be more filled with feelings and warmth.

To make this new manufacturing process more standardized, we design a prototype machine and jigs. The users can prepare materials easily by the machine and make ther own furnitures with jigs. Finally we can copy furnitures efficiently.


main photo

machine for Knitmold

machine for Knitmold

detail of Bridge


detail of Knit


detail of Plumknot