carpet and pillows
pulling out strings could become a hobby or a way to make more personal this pillows
putting your hand through the cover you can pull out the stuffing material- same as the one used for the cover
texture of the carpet
armchair made as an experiment to develop hand crochet
light underlined the inner structure of  the seat

Knitted army, andrea brena’s last project, will be shown at DMY 2012 from 6th to
10th June 2012, and will be part of the jury selection for the DMY AWARD.
The project will be also shown at bauhaus archive museum fur gestaltung
in berlin from september 12 to october 15.
Andrea Brena tries to enhance the attachment that users can have with a
product by making them play a larger role in the making of it.
Knitted army was born from the idea of using no tools and an easy
technique that anyone can learn in a few minutes: arm knitting.
Knitting leftover fabric strips with your arms allows one to easily
create the cover of a seat which can be filled with more leftover material.
The designer provokes and challenges the user to take the material out
of his ottomans, encouraging the user to retrace the steps of the
creative, making process.

The concept started from very simple elements and ideas and it turned
into a never ending story.
What you see it’s just one possible outcome on the use and interpretaton
of this material and technique.
Indeed Andrea has already tried to investigate different techniques like
crochet (always with hands), to make the carpets and the armchair, or
Crochet open new horizons on the possibilities of this project that can
now take any shape depending on the skills and feelings of who is making it.

In case of a demand of carpets Andrea’s aim is now to
create a cooperative in his hometown to gather people with low salary.
Skilled people or not, there would be enough work for both parts, to
crochet the carpets for who is confident with the traditional crochet
and to untangled the tangled material as it comes from the factories for
who is not able to crochet yet.
Will there be the chance of passing on an old and traditional technique,
At DMY 2012 Andrea will be happy to show how he realized all this with
live demostrations and participation of the public.