Dear Sir/Madam,

Hereby i would like to tell you about ‘Kolenik eco chic design’. A firm founded by designer Robert Kolenik. His style, concept and innovative products could be some good inspiration for your blog. This information is only showed at our own website and has not been publicated elsewhere.

Robert Kolenik is in the forefront of a group young designers in the Netherlands. With his characteristic ‘Eco Chic’-style, Kolenik is responsible for the interiors of leading clubs, hotels, restaurants and private residences. The designer works mainly with fair, preferably ecological and unique materials. The results are timeless and custom made interiors. Luxurious, warm and high end. An increasing group of clients knows how to find him. And not only because he is able to make an overall concept. It’s because of his typical style and use of durable materials that appeals to a wide audience.

Vivid Water
Kolenik developed some very special products which are innovative, durable and unique.
For example he designed a bathtub called ‘vivid water’. This tub is made out of rock crystal what is based on the fact/principle that water that gets in contact with minerals can restore it’s vitality and structure. This is important because we know today that the quality of water is also depending on it’s cluster structure. When water is clustered in a natural way it is easily absorbed and digested by our body. In nature water can purify and vitalize itself by being in contact with minerals. All though tap water is mostly chemically cleared en purified it has no energetic quality, no vitality. Bathing and showering with energetically pure water is therefore just as important as drinking mineral water, because our body is directly cleaned trough our largest organ, the skin.

Another remarkable design by robert kolenik is the ‘Ocean-kitchen’. A whole new way of adding an aquarium to your home. This aquarium is completely self sufficient and contains all kinds of fresh water fishes. Next to this the kitchen is ofcourse fully equipped.

Moss Wall
Kolenik and the Green stylists from ‘Oasegroen’ worked together to establish a whole new way of wall covering, a moss wall. A new product, with not only a very strong visual impact but also a natural look and a very durable character. The moss used is a lichen. Lichen is a cooperation between an alga and mould/fungi. This allows the moss to be able to survive in rare circumstances: no light and no water. This makes it possible to apply the moss wall in places where a real living plant is unable to survive. A moss wall has the maintenance of an artificial plant and the appearance of a living one.

Black Onix
On the famous miljonair fair in the Netherlands Robert Kolenik presented his new sink design. Very special because it’s made of exclusive black onix. Together with the customer Kolenik selects the best parts of this natural stone and the other components like the crane.

With this email I send you some pictures of the products and Kolenik’s portfolio. For more information please contact us, we would love to tell you more about our work and the designer behind all this.