KON is an extensive collection of tea and coffee glass designed by Martin Žampach and Matej Chabera for SIMAX. The designers have been selected by the brand after an internal competition.

The defining feature of KON’s glass is the 5° angle of the wall and the handle. It is a simple but very characteristic feature that is applied on all components of the collection. The angled handle fits perfectly in the hand and helps to balance the glass while pouring or drinking. The plastic accessories are designed to fit seamlessly with the glass in their practicality and their clean aesthetics. Each size teapot features a removable tea filter.

The KON collection was conceived from the beginning for serial production and all design decisions were driven by the requirements of this process. The two teapot sizes share two plastic components which significantly lowers expenses on molds. Several glass shapes in the collection have such proportions that they work for two or more products or functions. For example the tea universal candle heater fits all SIMAX teapots and has a simple glass that can be used as a serving dish. The middle-sized teacup is then used to make the milk jug by simply adding a beak. The whole collection is very well thought-out in means of production and everyday use.

KON is produced from the legendary SIMAX borosilicate glass that provides the same impact resistance as porcelain yet it is thin and light in the hand. SIMAX can handle large temperature differences and it is safely possible to boil water directly in the teapots on a gas or electric stove.

The whole collection is now in production in and will be reaching global markets throughout 2012.

KON product range:
1.0L teapot (with removable filter)
1.5L teapot (with removable filter)
cup with plate (small – espresso)
cup with plate (medium – tea/coffee)
cup with plate (large – latte)
tea candle heater (universal)
serving dish (small)
serving dish (medium)
serving dish (large)
sugar bowl (with plastic cap)
milk jug

Manufacturer: KAVALIERGLASS, a.s. – SIMAX
Designers: Martin Žampach and Mat?j Chabera
Photo: Petr Karšulín
Food styling: Iva Jakešová