Developed by poland-based Adam Wiercinski Architekt, Kozak is a series of furniture-trestles composed of tables and stools, tailored specifically for pubs and bars. As such, the heights of the objects correspond to the typical furniture dimensions of the drinking venues.

The visible structure is made of steel reinforced bent rebars, with a 14 mm thickness. But what characterizes the kozak collection is its cushioned rollers, with a diameter of 20 cm, filled with upholstery foam and covered in artificial leather — ranging from plain black to bright green. Providing an antique and artisanal look, Adam Wiercinski left the rebar structures raw but protected them with a transparent varnish; the colors include stark white and rusted black.

For the set of tables, the structure has been reinforced with a top supporting steel cross. On the other hand, table tops with dimensions of 100 x 30 cm have been crafted using two raw MDF boards, twisted together as a final result.


trestles details

Kozak trestles

trestles set

white rebar

Kozak series

table front view

table side view

Kozak detail

Kozak series in zrodlo.bar in Poznan, Poland

Kozak series in zrodlo.bar in Poznan, Poland