Kozo Man desk lamp
Kozo Man desk lamp
Kozo Man desk lamp
Kozo Man desk lamp Magnet detail
Mimi table lamp
Mimi table lamp detail

Kozo Man is the perfect silent partner, light source, and organizing solution for your work space. His adjustable magnetic hands keep track of your keys, paper clips, scissors, staples, and more. Kozo Man’s feet are padded to keep your desktop free of scratches.

Kozo Man features an innovative tap that acts as the light switch, making it fun to use!

Kozo Lamps are made out of Galvanized Iron = rust proof. Rust will appear only in the small connection gaps between the parts giving the lamp more character over time.
All of the Kozo Lamps are made by hand in our workshop and each has an authentic logo plate with a genuine serial number.

Kozo Man felt lonely one day so we designed Mimi the table lamp to keep him company :]