Finally a stylish alternative for scratch poles. From September 17th 2013 Krabhuis can be ordered from
www.krabhuis.nl. Krabhuis – Dutch for scratch house – is a cardboard house for cats to sharpen their nails
on, to play with and to sleep in. It is designed by three Dutch architects who couldn’t find a decent scratchitem
or basket for their own cats. The house combines the feline fascination for cardboard boxes, the need
for something to scratch their nails on and the lack of well designed cat items in one new object.


Krabhuis is designed by three Dutch architects. Looking for a scratch-pole and a sleeping basket for their own cats,
they couldn’t find a single item to match their taste and interiors. So they decided to combine their love for cats and
architecture and designed Krabhuis. The house is shaped like a child would draw a house, complete with window
and chimney. Cats enter via the facade, through the window they can look outside and they can scratch the roof.
Krabhuis is produced in The Netherlands from recycled cardboard and assembled by people with a disability. Krabhuis
can be bought for 69 euro and is shipped fully assembled.

Environment friendly

Krabhuis is made of 48 layers of duofold cardboard. This cardboard consists of 90% recycled material. Krabhuis
is assembled by clients from Amarant, an organisation that helps people with a disability. Krabhuis is produced
entirely in The Netherlands and transport is minimalised: from the production company directly to Amarant and from
Amarant directly to cats worldwide. When the cat is done with the house it can be recycled, maybe even into a new


Krabhuis is a product from drievrienden. This company was established in March 2013 by three architects from
Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Drievrienden aims to design interior-objects with an architectural twist. Drievrienden
produces products in an environmentally friendly way. Krabhuis is their first object.


To the editor
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– contact: Joost Emmerik, joost@krabhuis.nl

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