Hi everybody,

I would like to introduce you to our new work:

Kurt,the perfect partner for everyone who embodies flexibility and lifestyle without a loss of comfort. The system is as easy as brilliant. Safety belts from broken cars form the basic material.
Integrated in a bag made from cutting scrap of convertible car decks, Kurt can be mounted to almost every backpack. Just clip it on! Sitdown, swing the belt around your legs, knees or feet, close it and by a tug, lock the belt. Just as sitting on a chair you are hold tightand can easily and comfortably lean back. Relaxed reading in the park, working on your laptop, listening to music or taking a breakfrom your tracking tour… Kurt makes it happen. For getting up, just open up the buckle and Kurt will pull back into its bag by itself.

– Kurtexists out of 100% recycled materials
– because of the pull-back mechanism, Kurt’s size is continuously variable
– “onesize fits all”
– many sitting positions are possible, active sitting is supported
– intuitive motion sequence, like buckling up in a car
– external mounting to the backpack saves time
– once mounted to the backpack, Kurt is always ready

Because of the variable cutting scrap of the convertible car decks, many different color combinations will come up, which makes Kurt unique. To keep this authenticity, every Kurt bag will be provided by the serial number of the car of which the safety belt was disassembled. In a blog, founded for this purpose, the user can find more information about his Kurt. Data like: vehicle type, production date, production site and date of dismantling of the safety belt are easy to access. The insights of the previous incarnation of the materials remains as an inseparable piece of the new product. To carry the thought of recycling to its final detail, expired first aid boxes, laminated with printed car foil, serve as a proper packing.

I hope that I was able to get you interested in our project and I would be more than happy to see my work on the mocoloco blog in the near future.
For any farther requests, changes or more information as well as more footage I would be pleased to help you out.

And please watch the short animation of Kurt on youtube

or on my portfolio site http://voxel-studio.de/10762/299198/gallery/kurt-the-belt-to-sit

best regards,

Patric Günther & Andre Osthaar