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Kvan furniture series by Tatu Laakso

KVAN is a multifunctional furniture series designed for a modern and compact living. The two part furniture series aim to use a small space with maximum intensity. They allow multifunctional use in order to adapt for users different needs.

KVAN SIDE TABLE allows to keep all things needed organized besides a bed or a couch. It stores magazines, small things and devices.

It keeps the cords within reach and the lower table board is removable and can be used as a tray and a platform, that enables easy use for small portable devices like phone and tablet.

KVAN CLOTHES STORAGE is designed to temporarily store clothes that are in everyday use. The furniture combines a clothes rack and a laundry bag.

The clothes storage is meant to be placed where the clothes are actually taken on and off, to avoid the piles of clothes that usually appear on chairs and sofas. When the laundry day becomes the clothes can be simply dropped into a removable laundry bag, which is easy to bring with to a laundry.








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