La belle equipe is in an Art Nouveau building’s heart, classified as Historic Monument. This Thaï boxing hall, created by two friends and old champions, doesn’t look like all boxing gyms.

Remy & Julien had the desire to create a place different as the traditional gyms. A unique and friendly place, where the exchange is the heart of the project.

This industrial space, split in two levels high over 3 meters each. The ground floor and basement were completely empty, to fully design. On the ground floor, a reception area, a desk, a cloakroom and individual tutoring space were created. 2 changing rooms and a space for group boxing and yoga classes were designed in the basement.

Lighted by a large glass roof, the reception and relaxation room present the belle equipe’s spirit. A sofa, a large library, an honesty juice bar are the first elements that we can see through the entrance door. The Wood floor composed of varnished, lacquered in white or painted in black triangles creates a resonance with the glass roof. A set of lines and materials in glass roof’s light give a unique character to this space.

Separated by a sliding door, private lessons are mainly on the traditional boxing ring. Placed on the existing flooring, between metal structure and hoist dating from the building’s construction in 1901, the Ring is the key. You can admire the trophies, belts and photos of two champions on the wall of fame along the Ring, which reminds us of the American high school’s sport window.

In the basement, space for group classes is lighted by large glass floors. The visual relationship between the two levels runs the place and creates a unit. The uncluttered design and the chosen colors, white, black and gray, are good for the concentration and the boxing practice.

The 2 locker rooms are intimate and comfortable. Large washbasins, barber’s mirrors, white Parisian metro’s tiles are a blend between New York lofts references and Parisian references in a chic industrial style.

Project : Thaï boxing hall’s design
Location : Paris X (75)
Client : La belle equipe
Phase : Delivered in April 2014
Area : 250 m²
Cost : 60 000.-
Team : Chloe Kessler (architect), Johanne Achard (graphic designer), Martin Blanchard (designer), Iso DECOBAT (construction)
Illustration : Thibaut Rassat
Pictures : Jelena Stajic, Chloe Kessler, la belle equipe