Settled in the 13th district of Paris, a few steps aways from the Héloïse and Abélard’s square, Agoratic’s brand new office propose several digital training rooms, offices and meeting rooms. The scope statement essentially included a need for multipurpose spaces.

To facilitate the use of the office, we’ve created, developed and patented floating walls systems, suspended 3mm above the floor and below the ceiling. Theses elements that includes walls and full height doors are patented under the name of MuMo (Mur Mobiles in French, meaning Mobile Walls).

This system enables to create multiple combinations of various sizes of spaces; The movement of the MuMo draws multiple axis of rotation; The black and white masses are the results, the physical footprint of this circular motion. The axis intersections are treated as a set of a three-dimensional chessboard, with alternating light and dark square boxes.

The result produces a meaningful structure to this ballet of moving walls, where the whole is different from the sum of its parts.

At the moment when the use of laptops provides a mobile and flexible use in the workspaces, the architecture of La Nouvelle Heloïse materializes a space with multiple ways to work, allowed by a mobile, flexible and and autonomous structural system.

This bicephalous space experiments visual distortions; false mirrors, symmetries and real time fish-eye effect.

The offices stretches and contracts, divides, adds and creates polymorphic spaces, from remote workpod to generous meeting-rooms.

The walls glide like musical notes, merely touching each others, hugging and separating perpetually, as a continuous tribute to Heloïse and Abélard.

As a polymorphous space, a monochrome camouflage, bicephalous, La Nouvelle Heloïse frame and dissolves the space with an ambiguity of its own; between a familiar space with retro references and the invention of a futuristic typology.