Hey guys, im sharing this recent project we’ve just finished, hope u like it.

La Perla Mezcaleria

Located in Torreon, Mexico this bar was designed by Jacob Boardman and Ivan Jalife in the growing sector of bars in the city’s downtown.

Transforming and old house but preserving the feeling of the building, interior and outdoor spaces were created due to the city’s extreme weather, too hot in summer and too cold in the winter.

Contrary to the popular belief of the shiny and colorish print of Mexico´s culture, the inspiration of this work was the organic essence that any Mexican home has: concrete, wood, steel and plants.

Here any visitor can try on of the most popular emerging spirits, the mezcal, the bar’s signature one is the favorite, and also there are a selection of a wide range of producers of this drink from all around Mexico.

Furniture produced by “Republica Furniture”

If you need anything on High Resolution or more photos from this place, feel free to ask we have more.