hanging garden
lighting schemes
logo chalkboard
vintage soda trays
plant shelf

Labij is an architecture + design office located in a recently renovated early 80s building, one of the early works of Salem Al-Marzouk and Sabah Abi Hanna in Kuwait City’s downtown area, overlooking the busy Ahmed Al-Jaber street. We are sure you’re familiar with this dilemma: space is limited. Working in a small space has its challenges and virtues. It forces you to be more thoughtful with what you bring into the space, since everything is on display.
The space program of the design studio requires an efficient design for work space, lounge, storage, and bar; allowing for a flexible area. For this to be executed, the interior works where to be integrated with the existing lighting/HVAC systems in place. After stripping down all existing decor a white cohesive color palette was chosen to flow throughout the different zones: lounge area, eating area, and working area. Transforming from public to semi-public to private, furniture choices reflect these functions as well. Using the middle bar area as a divider and a meeting place. The original lighting was exposed after removing the false ceiling transforming the spotlights to industrial pendant lights. Furthermore, the light switches were rewired to allow for independent lighting of each zone. The details expose lots of obvious personality; vintage soda trays, humorously labeled bins, a hanging garden, and chalkboard logo for self-expression.