LaClasica chair in natural wood

STUA is delighted to unveil Laclasica chair, Jesús Gasca’s latest design.
Laclasica is a wooden chair that combines all the traditional principles of classical chairs, and translates them into a pure & contemporary design.
Laclasica is curvy like our human body and mimics its shape to conveys its sensuality and cosiness.

It seems like Laclasica was always around; but it is a brand new and fresh design, possibly a sign of timelessness.

The seat and back fuse with the legs to create a fluid form.
Beneath the seat, an aesthetic white aluminium extruded part strengthens the structure.

A wooden chair is the ultimate design, using the noble and natural material provided by Mother Nature. And when combined with modern technology, in a sensual and fluid design, like the Laclasica chair, it becomes a piece of art and a beautiful furniture piece.

Laclasica is made of solid & molded ash plywood, and alumimium.
Laclasica is a stackable chair.

Width: 53 cm
Total height: 81 cm
Depth: 55 cm
Seat height: 45cm