An expressive and memorable lamp for the adrenaline buzz and bright emotions fans.

Ukraine designers Mukomelov ( www.mukomelov.com) tried to make an iconic, but, at the same time, a very emotional lamp. Lamp Shark was created for a German company “Moree” (www.moree.de) by means of the rotation molding process.

This concept was created three years ago, but in order to make a product out of an idea we had to make a long way. We gladly announce the Shark lamp production star.

A close view of a shark fin subconsciously causes a sensation of risk and the adrenaline discharge. Appearing in the ocean, it instantly scares away all the flesh around it. But “Shark” lamp scares away only the surrounding darkness. For what it is actually designed.

Created for the risk and adrenaline buzz fans, the “Shark” lamp will definitely become an effective interior and exterior decoration.