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Lampp, Turn your phone into a smartlight

Lampp comes with an app to let you choose the appropriate atmosphere for each situation.

Lampp is a smart light that uses your phone screen as its light source. It comes with an app to let you choose the adequate atmosphere for each situation.

The Lampp App let you can control the color and the light emitted by your screens, play music or define the connectivity of your device.

Lampp_jordi canudas studio_2014_02

Lampp_jordi canudas studio_2014_03

Lampp_jordi canudas studio_2014_04

Lampp_jordi canudas studio_2014_05

Lampp_jordi canudas studio_2014_06

Lampp_jordi canudas studio_2014_07

Lampp_jordi canudas studio_2014_08

Lampp_jordi canudas studio_2014_11

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