The Structure Collection of wood tiles by Lancko wall systems.
The Baufort Collection of wood tiles by Lancko wall systems.

We just Launched a new product that is truly making headlines in the design community. We hope you have a few minutes to review. Thanks in advance. www.lancko.com/wallsystems

So What is it? The Lancko Wall System is a Wood Tile made with Reclaimed/Recycled Wood product from Industrial recoveries in our region. We Launched 2 initial collections, here is the scoop for each:

STRUCTURE: The Structure Collection combines flat veneered surfaces with Solid Lumber, machined to create amazing Architectural Patterns. These solid patterns are continued from one tile to the next as each tile interlocks. The collection mixes handcrafted elements
with more modern smooth surfaces and finds harmony between the two styles. Built using modern Veneer Machinery and CNC’s. Our team pushed the boundaries of materials, technology, and especially geometry.

BAUFORT: The Baufort Collection is inspired by the forms of nature and interpreted in a pure architectural form. The tiles are created with solid hardwoods that are machined by hand and assembled piece by piece. Made with rustic and characteristic elements
and combined with modern patterns. The result is appealing, it injects warmth and evokes a sense of history in the space where it is being installed. The Baufort tiles accent any space
making a timeless and contemporary atmosphere regardless of the overall design style.

The Baufort Collection is also interlocking and the patterns also continue from on tile to the next.

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