The project’s starting point is a reflection on our consumerist society, where people follow trends and buy ready-made goods that will fit their needs and taste until a new one comes and they throw away one to get the other. By being able to adapt the ‘layer’ chair, the idea of having a new chair just by changing the layers arises. people can make their own chair as if they were selecting songs, focusing on the contents.

‘Layer’ chair delivers a seating object that aims at customization, individuality, and sustainability. ‘Layer’ is made out entirely of clear acrylic that allows for a see-through structure. Both the back and the base of the chair have a void where the user can fit three different layers of printed or colored acrylic,or any other material that comes in mind. The chair was conceived especially as a piece that hopefully people will not get tired of, thanks to its modifiable characteristics.


The user can add the three different layers both to the back and the seat

a round hole on each layer allows for easy sliding

different types of images can be added and mixed

top view of the chair

the seat has a 30-degree angle cut that facilitates the addition of the layers

yellow, blue, pink: different color combinations for a harmonious seating experience

Who view of Layer with Magritte chair.