Designed and produced by Vítor Agostinho, each Layers Jar is an unique form. Set in a context of self production and promoting a different approach to the classic process of liquid moulding, a Layers Jar is constructed by controlled or random overlapping of plaster layers, allowing for variations in the shape.

VICARA is a design editing brand focused on products which explore the boundaries of contemporary design.

Established in 2011, VICARA colaborates with partners and Portuguese designers, searching for innovative production processes and original concepts, based around authoctonal components and traditional methods.

The Layers Jar by Vítor Agostinho is one of the pieces of the brands 2016 collection.

Vítor Agostinho is, above all, a designer of processes.

With a long professional career in the ceramics industry, he developed the Layers Jar project around the composition and deconstruction of moulds, intended for ceramic liquid casting.

This design concept is part of his continuous series of mutant moulds, where he has been experimenting with production processes of different materials and industries that use mould casting.

The aesthetics of controlled randomness establishes a paramount thematic coherence in his body of work, while simultaneously providing him undeniable freedom of creation in an immense arena of research and development possibilities.

Working with plaster and stone ware his series of pieces gain unique characteristics, due to their ever changing shape defining process. Consequently the designers participation in it is notable.

Each jar is made individually in the studio of Vítor, in Caldas da Rainha.

The video below documents the process of manufacturing a Layers Jar.


Layers Jar

Layers Jar

Production Process