The collection
Large model
Close up pleating detail and diffusor
Medium models
Printing process
Plastic or paper rolls after printing
Building the shape

Dear Mocoloco,

Aurélien Barbry studio has design a new lamp for danish company Le Klint.

“La Cloche” is beautiful bell-shaped lamp (hence the name) folded by the dexterous “pleating ladies”.
With this design the French designer Aurélien Barbry adds a new classic design to LE KLINTs lamp collection.
Le Klint is a Danish light furniture company known for its lamp shades made out of pleated and folded paper.
The lamp comes in 3 sizes, Medium diameter 25 cm, Large diameter 30 cm and Xtra Large diameter 70 cm.

The pictures explains the process of fabrication of “La Cloche” at Le klint factory in Denmark on Fyn Island
The Paper or plastic are printed with an engraved roll to create marks for the pleatings, then the shape is
hand folded, and sewed. The pleating of La Cloche creates a detail to hold a flexible diffusor to hide the bulb
and attenuate the light.


Aurélien Barbry graduated from Ecole Camondo Paris as an industrial and interior designer.
He started his career by working with famous architect Jean Nouvel.
Aurélien Barbry set up his own studio in 2007 and is now based in Copenhagen. He has collaborated
with several Danish and international furniture and product producers as Georg Jensen,
Le Klint, Normann Copenhagen, Vipp,Cor…. His works has received international prizes as the Cologne Interior innovation award 2010
and has recently exhibited in Milan, Madrid, Cologne, Paris….

“Design is an exercise where you take the simplest things in your daily life and ask yourself
how they could be done differently. I want to move objects towards simplicity and obviousness
of the form so it becomes dialogue with the end user. Reinstate everyday forms,
simple and accurate.”

I hope Dezeen will enjoy this project.
Best regards.

Aurelien Barbry


Skabelonloftet, Refshalevej 171 A
DK-1432 Copenhagen K Denmark