Le Nuage is a suspended light object in the form of – and with the character of – a cloud.
The exterior is made of polyester wadding, formed in such a way that there is a difference
in light permeability. On the inside, the energy-saving lightbulb is surrounded by a plastic
shell which has been specially treated to create a diffuse light with various colour variegations.
This gives the light object the character of a cloud through which the sun is shining. Le
Nuage creates both ambient and functional light. Each cloud is handmade and one of a
kind. Le Nuage can vary in size from 50 cm to more than 10 metres.

Technical specifications:

Material: polyester, polyester wadding
Energy-saving lightbulb(s): 23 watts
Weight: approx. 1 kg for 650 mm format
Format: approx. 500 – 10,000 mm
Attachment: Stainless steel wire 1 mm
Placement: Any height desired.