What is “perfectly in harmony with nature” means to you.
Perfect harmony with nature might means being close with nature or draw nature to surround you. In my idea, being in harmony with nature is to draw our self to be surrounds by nature without disturbing or destroying it. You think you try to design nature in your life, so you find a lamp made of fresh plant. However, the plant might withered from lamp heat or the electronic might got jammed once you eventually press “on” button right after watering the plant.
Growing plant in your house is refreshing and bringing you close to nature. But what if the plant died, you have to change. Actually the plant might die before its time because you put it in a pot where its root cannot grow and died at last. You might argue by saying you grow seasonal plant or living in a condominium with no place to grow plant. Those might be reasonable but why don’t you try more sustaining way like walking in the park or growing tree in a forest which might be healthier to the earth. For another example, if you have a very cool dining table with a living plant, there might have insect which disturb you when you are eating. Your options are to put them outside or use insecticide. Actually those insects are part of nature which means you have destroy nature that you try to live with peacefully, may be nature doesn’t want to be close to you at all.
However, I did not mean that those designs are bad, but why don’t we find the better way to be close to nature without exploiting it.
Thai traditional culture of wrapping food with leaf interested me. Cutting part of tree did not destroy them but let new part to bloom and can become good design that easily bring us close to nature.
I think most people like coffee. It becomes today culture. Hot coffee use cover to prevent your hand from the heat.
I combine design with function by using withered leaf to cover the coffee cup instead of paper. Some tree leafs have flexibility and can bend with the shape of coffee cup without tearing.
The color of leafs are vary and not boring and can make the strength point to the café. Beside, dry leaf has cost less than paper and biodegradable too.
In my opinion, this idea bring us closer to nature without destroy it.