how to use

When you hang a frame, how do you align it horizontally?

We use picture frames for many purposes: We place pictures of our loved ones on our desks at work or in our homes, some hold famous photographs in museums, still other frames house special memories that we love to look at from time to time.

Imagine you received a nice picture frame as a gift from your friend. Of course you want to hang it on the wall immediately, but how? Do you simply use your eye? Or do you find a level?

We just want to hang a nice frame on the wall that’s purely straight but sometimes this can be complicated.

Use a water level tool and you will never have crooked frames ever again. It’s actually simple: Just place the water level on the top part of the frame and look for the air bubble inside the liquid. If the air bubble is in the center of the tool, then your frame is perfectly straight. If the bubble is on the left or right side of the middle markings, then this means your frame will be crooked. It is really the best way to ensure your frames are hung on the wall straight every time.


You will never feel discomfort in hanging frames ever again with a water level tool.

How to use

1) Hang the frame on the wall.
2) Push the button
3) Adjust so it’s level.
4) Close the button