what happen !
what happen ?
how it work ?

When a frame is slanted on the wall, it will spoil the interior space harmony
and impart an unpleasant sense to the observer. Upon being purchased and
in the course of time for numerous reasons, frames need to be adjusted and

For which there are different methods such as using a level on the frame or
asking for friends help for this purpose.
Each of these methods is however associated with problems such as lack of
enough care or consecutive repeats of the adjustment operation.

This concept provides a new solution :
It is enough to put the LEVELER on an upper corner of the frame to show
the level of deviation to us. By turning the frame to the correct direction, we
will level it out.

For adjusting a frame using a LEVELER one person is only needed.
The color contrast and sign have been designed for more convenient
watching. a LEVELER has 2 sign which enable it to be used on both the left
and the right corners of a frame (regarding the fact that 10% of people are
left handed)
LEVELER designed only for 1 pin frames

LEVELER is combined of a level & hacol
colored circle rotating around central axis and a little weight
hide back of the white sign, so it always showing vertical line
like hacol.

LEVELER is made of soft silicone rubber to provide lightness
and suitable grip.
LEVELER is also applicable in galleries in which frames
are frequently changed.