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Offering a very flexible light pool, Levity is the only task light of its kind that retracts into the work surface. Byrne’s new hybrid of task light and power/data center was designed to be flexible and adaptable in order to fit many different work environments; private offices, benching, conference rooms or tabling. Designed by award winning industrial designer Peter Stathis to offer unlimited flexibility while having little impact on the work surface. The capabilities of Levity are there when you need them.. and are completely hidden when you don’t.

Levity Standard Features:
-Minimal, organic aesthetics blend naturally with a variety of environments.
-Flush-mount storage: Collapses into work surface when not in use.
-Telescoping ‘Antenna Style’ Design: Adjust size of light pool using light source height.
-User-focused oscillating light source: Dual spherical joints at base and light source allow for 360 degrees of control.
-Power & data technology integration: Patented water-proof power outlets and other various technologies can be specified and embedded into the base of the unit.
-Directly interfaces with furniture: Integrate directly into the work surfaces through standard cut-out sizes and simple installation. Entire product is enclosed in a single unit.
-ETL® Listed: Tested to meet UL153.

Levity Technical Specifications:
-Number of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes): 6
-Color Temperature: 3,500 Kelvin
-CRI (Color Rendering Index): 80
-Rated Life: 35,000 hours of use
-Efficacy: 88.59 lumens/watt
-Total Light Output: Up to 660 lumens (110 lumens/LED)