LIÉ is a beautifully complex French word meaning the interesting play of folding and connection, being folded and connected. Inspired by this and by the art of traditional Japanese wood joinery techniques, AGNESKOVACS, the Budapest-based designer debuted her new collection, LIÉ, at the 2016 Copenhagen Fashion Week, generating huge interest.

Showing the signature touch of AGNESKOVACS leather goods, LIÉ is a handcrafted, multicultural journey from Asia to Europe, where Japanese precision, Italian leather, French elegance and Scandinavian minimalism meet. Following a very Nordic, timeless style combined with the heritage of leatherwork, each bag is made from one piece of naturally aged Italian leather. The idea of LIÉ connectivity is reflects in all the details – all the creations in the new collection have their own layers made from one piece of leather that complement and contrast with each other. Influenced by ancient Japanese joinery techniques and folding hands, LIÉ combines contemporary elegance with fine details, exciting geometric lines and functional twists.

“The human hand is one of the most important parts of the body; it can tell a lot about you. I clearly remember when I was young and how my grandfather used to love to take a rest after having lunch. He went to the vineyard, listened to birdsong, and peacefully played with his fingers. Maybe it was a kind of meditation. I never asked him but this picture made a very deep impression on me. His clasping hands might represent stability, which was very instrumental in the process of designing,” says Agnes of her sources of inspiration.

The high-end leather goods brand AGNESKOVACS is well-known in Budapest and is becoming increasingly recognised at international design and fashion events all over the world.

Photographer_György Károlyi_Flashback
Model_Lisa VM Model
Hair_Márk Károlyi
Make up_Tímea Vozák
Styling_Dóra Bellák


LIÉ  clutch soft pink

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LIÉ handbag

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LIÉ handbag

LIÉ campaign

LIÉ campaign

LIÉ campaign

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