Leif Stool and End Table
Leif End Table (Black)
Leif Stool (Detail)
Leif Stool Black (Detail)

Aellon is a sustainable furniture company based in Brooklyn, New York that designs and manufactures contemporary home furnishings from reclaimed and sustainably harvested materials.

Our inaugural line is called The Grace Line. The namesake for this collection is a 61-foot fishing boat named “Grace” that my business partners and I discovered on a surf trip through Indonesia. Grace had been washed ashore in a monsoon and was rendered useless. After discovering that now-threatened wood species were used to build the boat 45 years ago, we purchased Grace and designed a line of furniture around the disused materials.

The showpieces of the The Grace Line, the Leif Stool and End Table, are made from mixed boat wood – mostly reclaimed Merbau and Bengkirai. The top of the smaller Leif Stool (16″ Diameter) is constructed of 118 individually shaped pieces of boat wood, although the design is only consists of 9 individual shapes. The top of each insert is has a 45 degree chamfer and is designed with a slight reveal to show off the stunning end grain.

Merbau and Bengkirai are two of the most dense wood species on Earth. This makes their grain exceptionally beautiful. It also makes the wood surprisingly heavy. To achieve a stunning look without an excessive weight, the Leif Stool and End Table were designed with a hidden hollow center. Aside from significantly reducing the piece’s weight, our design also reduces the amount of materials required to make each piece.

Indonesia is an island nation of 240,000,000 people – many of which are fishermen. Since discovering Grace, we have developed strong partnerships with boat yards in Java that deconstruct shipwrecked and otherwise disused or destroyed fishing boats. These relationships help us manage the consistency and quality of the wood, and allow us to access a large volume of materials to produce The Grace Line indefinitely.

Aellon’s inaugural line was designed in collaboration with renowned sustainable furniture designers Jason Horvath and Bill Hilgendorf of Uhuru Design.

Thank you for checking out our designs!

– Daniel Husserl