Schwoggle and the Lifestyle Container launch on IndieGoGo…
The launch of a brand and a product

Denver, CO (October 8, 2012): Introducing Schwoggle. A new brand designed to celebrate individuality. Schwoggle is excited to announce the launch of its Lifestyle Container on IndieGoGo. The Lifestyle Container is the first in a new line of innovative products that allow the user to define how the product is used. The new Lifestyle Container can be used in ways that suit one’s lifestyle, whether it’s used as a reusable water bottle, tea infuser, vase, cigar humidor, storage container or a variety of other products. It is a simplistic blend of ergonomics, customization and sustainability.

Highlights of the Lifestyle Container:
• Accessory driven design, for complete customization.
• Made from Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, a BPA free plastic that offers durability and clarity.
• Ergonomic design, built in design features making the product easy to use.
• 600ml (20fl oz) capacity, perfect for the home, office, mountains, car, boat or travel.
• Soft touch exterior coating, for a great feel and customizable surface.
• Cap loop that doubles as a bottle opener

Not just a reusable water bottle, the Lifestyle Container is a customizable product that fits a variety of wants and needs.

About Schwoggle

Unlike most companies, we didn’t start with a product. We started with a simple philosophy that developed into a product. Enjoy Life. Make a Difference. Be Socially Responsible. Schwoggle was created to celebrate individuality and differences throughout the world. Much like life, Schwoggle is undefined and we encourage the users of our products to define what Schwoggle is and how our products are used. www.schwoggle.com