1_full view from dining1
2_full view from dining1
3_full view from  red timber lattice
4_full view from dining2
5_full view from dining2
6_ full view (dining2)
7_aluminum and  red timber lattice
8_ aluminum and  red timber lattice


We performed the interior design for a restaurant/bar in a long and narrow cave-like setting where dynamic ridges and furrows form luminous vicissitudes that artfully create a space enfolded in a brilliant burst of light.

Glimmering fragments of light adorn the area next to the entrance—like shards of ice or crystal—lending the space a serene atmosphere reminiscent of light on a cool winter day.

Like a living creature freely roaming about, luminous aluminum waves whirl through the air and intertwine with the red timber lattice at the boundary of the back area facing large windows, resulting in a space brimming with a feeling of lively motion.

The characteristic creases of light at the front and the back of the cave resonate with the shards of light, luminous aluminum and red timber lattice in their path, thereby bringing each microcosm into alignment and coalescing into a unique ensemble.

Thus, we sought to create a universe in which one can wander into a cozy cave and enjoy a transforming scenery as our bodies become enfolded in a whirl of vibrant light.

2)Project’s credit and summary

Project Name:Light Cave
Design Firm: Moriyuki Ochiai Architects

Use: Restaurant/Bar
Area : 96sqm
Location: Tokyo Japan

Constructor: aslego
photo: tetsu hiraga

Completion : 2013.12

Ceiling:recycled aluminum sheet,resin boards ,painted board
Floor: stone tile
Wall:painted drywall