Setting the mood
Only hanging on one nail
It supports itself thanks to its shape
Rotate to get a spot light for reading or writing
the same shape, the same nail
It supports itself thanks to its shape
Setting the mood on your desk or table
by one simple turn you get work light

Light Object is a dynamic product, which leaves its user a lot of options. Easy and effortless you can switch from work light to a light of ambiance. At the same time the appearance of the lamp changes. Simply by altering the position. For example, when hanging the lamp on (only) one nail on the wall.

Light Object is has the shape of half a cube, but does not always appear as one. ?’I like to create tension or even power, between esthetics and function’ Wesley Dudok says. ‘Choose work over ambiance or create a relaxing atmosphere. The user always has a say, when using my design. This way, it keeps on being a moving object, literally and figuratively.
The product is made of 1 mm folded steal. Sprayed-in duo tones, black, grey and white surface and inside white. Being switched on, light spreads geometrically and has its source in the centre of the half-shaped cube. When positioning the lamp a certain way, the light shines a certain direction. If you choose to hang the Light Object, one nail in the wall does the trick and this nail won’t bar the way the light spreads into the surrounding space.?

Light object will be exhibited during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven at ‘Hier is Utrecht 2013’ (www.hierisutrecht.nl)