Light Screen is the result created through the research of felt material and the variety of forms that it can create.

It’s also a part of The FeltForms Project that consist of 6 different acoustic wall panels. The outcome merges art with design. As a sculpture object it adds to the visual value of the setting and as an acoustic absorber it provides better quality to a space for its users. It can be used as a room divider or a window curtain thanks to the space in-between the modules that allows you to see through. Wool felt modules are connected through a metal ring that opens, which gives the possibility to easily add, subtract or change a module. Thanks to this, Light Screen compositions as well as colours can be very diverse and often rearranged. The flexible connection also gives an opportunity to curve the whole sculpture and create a unique shape. When installed by a window or next to any kind of light source, Light Screen gives spectacular light depth effects.

Light Screen was presented at Art Team Coiffeur and Taktil Workshop in Basel, Switzerland.


Side view from the outside, day light

Side view from the outside, day light

Close-up of the facade view

Full 'Light Screen' composition, Basel, Switzerland

Side view from inside

Outside view, evening light

size and forms variations

Bend 'Light Screen' at Taktil Workshop in Basel, Switzerland

Bend variation

Front view