Likeshop Showroom is located in the center of Rostov-on-Don in a historical building with high ceilings and big arched windows. The speciality of the brand is colourful and crazy clothes mostly for young people. Inspired by the Asian design tendency of making museum-like showrooms, the architect came up with the idea of an all coloured yellow hall and a big white main space with colourful elements and pink fur art object.

The showroom consists of two spaces.

Yellow is the signature colour of this brand. Thus, the first room, which is the reception and the office, designed as all coloured yellow room. The mirror covered the whole wall behind the curve table, which reflects the infinite yellow space. There is the storage space behind it. This “yellow box” reminds visitors of some museum installation inspired by James Turrell.

In contrast with yellow room, the main retail space is all coloured white with colourful details. Inspired by Alexandro McQueen’s petal dresses, the main central element is a pink dressing room covered with fur. It resembles a big sculpture in a plain space. Glass boxes for clothes have different heights. The ceiling was left without changes.

The most difficult task was reflecting a unique atmosphere of the brand and highlight the advantages of the space. This was resolved with the furniture all made in a unique design, coloured with bright colours, which are even seen from the street through the big windows.