I’m Daryl Villanueva, creator of Beijing-based Bandit9 Motorcycle Design. Moco Loco has been very kind in the past to feature our motorcycles. Today, I’d like to share our latest release, the Nero Mark II.

The Nero Mark II is a limited edition motorcycle, only 9 will ever be created and only 5 are left available for purchase. It is the next generation model of the original Nero we released in 2012. It’s everything I wanted the original Nero to be. With the Nero Mark II, we wanted to create a bike that was hard to classify. We just wanted to make something cool that turns heads.

Every inch of the Nero Mark II is custom. The frame was elongated and lowered for a more athletic stance. We wanted to make the bike look like it was constantly moving, even when parked, so we designed a spear-like perfectly flat, hexagonal tank and rear fender set that tapers from all angles. You have to look closely to appreciate the details. The handlebars are directly welded to the fork, the brake lights were embedded into the fender and gives the bike a futuristic touch. We wanted the bike to feel like a living, breathing animal so we left the suspensions exposed – it’s like watching a cheetah run and you see all the muscles flexing. There’s also a whole host of upgrades – HD headlights, LED brake lights, upgraded front disc brake, handmade and re-engineered foot and hand controls. And of course, we kept the Nero’s signature matte-black.

I’d be incredibly honored to have Bandit9 and Nero Mark II on Moco Loco.