– Making use of discarded leather offcuts.

In the norwegian leather industry, tons of hides is discarded every year because of small imperfections on the skins surface, such as insects bites, warts, scratches and wrinkles. To the untrained eye, the material is just as useful and beautiful as any other leather you find on the market, but because of high quality demands from customers, the manufacturer can’t sell the leather.?
In the stool Lines, the edges of the leather is therefore used. This literally creates tons of new value from the otherwise discarded material. This new technique also creates new esthetics, comforts and applications. ?
The fact that the hide offcuts aren’t sorted before they are chucked in the container has been turned to a positive factor in the project. The technique combines hides with different thickness, softness, flexibility and even color, which enriches the texture and tactility instead of being a downside.?
The result is a warm and soft surface. It makes a comfortable seat, as well as being non slip and sound absorbing.?
Kind regards, ?
Inger Steinnes, Oslo