Liquid MIDI is an experimental textile interface for sonic interactions, exploring aesthetics and morphology in contemporary design. The technology is screen printed with electric paint from Bare Conductive directly onto a textile surface, then through an Arduino micro controller communicates with the desired software, using MIDI protocol. This unique interaction with this textile interface allows the medium to become part of the message, where the interface becomes part of the process of creation itself.

Sound is a medium that has been increasingly gaining ground in the visual arts during recent decades, despite this seeming contradictory. Technology plays one of the main roles in this multi disciplinary crossover, allowing not only for this amalgamation of the visual and auditory practices, but to further our ventures into how do we form this experience and with what tools do we design this multifaseted, polysensorial undertaking.

Much of our artistic research involves building with textiles and flexible materials, due to its functional and aesthetic advantages, as well as it being ideal for studies looking to integrate different sensory modalities. The flexibility of screen printing a working interface onto a bendable surface and being able to control digital devices and applications through it, opens doors to infinite possibilities, allowing to indulge in an hyper connected, interwoven user experience.

Man has not always been dominated by vision. A primordial dominance of hearing has only gradually been replaced by that of vision. Technology increasingly allows for the integration of touch, kinaesthesia as well as hearing, shattering the prevailing notions on the hierarchisation of the senses. While vision distances and separates us from the surrounding world, the rest of the senses unite and incorporate us to it. We aim on proposing a more balanced, coherent multi sensory perception of reality.

Our intent with Liquid MIDI, is to enable the user to experience a balanced interaction and engagement, focusing not only the importance of the aesthetics, but making them functional and utterly important, while integrating, with the same importance, an elaborate haptic experience through an experimental textile interface, concluding with the real time creation of sound.


­ conductive ink
­ neoprene
­ pyrite
­ bismuth
­ conductive thread
­ assorted electronics
­ arduino board


screen printed launch pad/ triggers

screen printed launch pad/ triggers

screen printed launch pad/ triggers

screen printed launch pad/ triggers

screen printed launch pad/ triggers

screen printed faders

two module setup

exposed screen

pyrite fader knob

two module setup in use