Liquid Understory, is a set of 3 concoction related to 3 degustation tools
Buffer, is a Tea bag/spoon designed to accomplish the work of Pia Wustenberg's work, shown at the exhibition Understory
The infusion is composed of: Fennel seeds, Cinnamon, Chamomile, Junipers and Cloves
Brush, designed to accomplish Eva Malschaert's work. Is a tool for enjoy hot chocolates, and draw edible patterns on your cup.
The brush allows to play with the texture of the chocolate and to temperate its temperature, hot chocolate made with cocoa, milk, starch, chili and cinnamon.
Tack, designed to accomplish Catherine Aitken's work, is meant to create a playful relation between the vegetable broth and the steamed vegetables drawn into it.
The tack is used first to stab the vegetables, and than to steer them in the broth, to finally eat them as a brochette.
The brochette can be kept in position holding the tack in the other way around, and bitten little by little.
The food designer Jacopo Sarzi, performing and serving the three different infusion in Brompton, during the London Design Festival 2012
The three designers for which the three infusions have been designed: Catherine Aiken, Eva Malschaert and Pia Wustenberg.

Digest to understand, Jacopo Sarzi.

The three infusions presented are a liquified manifestation of the products which have been shown during London Design Festival 2012 in Brompton.
These concoctions were made with the intention of creating a synesthetic relationship between their ingredients and tools and the pieces displayed by Pia, Eva and Catherine.
For each of the mixture/tool, Jacopo Sarzi, has considered the personal work and the background of each one of the designers taking part into the exhibition.