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Colorful LiteRays: Innovative Light Projection Glassware and Pods
LiteRays project graphic images almost anywhere

(San Diego, California) – It’s a product that gives new meaning to the term “Projecting an Image.” Now a product called LiteRays is giving consumers an interesting and entertaining way to “see the light.” LiteRays are a unique light projection system that will come to market in two versions: a Shot Glass and a LitePod. What makes the product unique is the projection of customized images and/or text through a specially printed film. The image is then projected on to the surface upon which the glass sits.

“It’s like painting with light,” says LiteRays inventor Carl VanderSchuit. “Imagine using any image you like and your personal or corporate name and having them project on to virtually any surface. You can even temporarily attach these units to a wall.”

The almost unanimous reaction is :” Wow, cool. What is that?. Where can I get one?

The LiteRays Shot glass product can be used as its name implies: a shot glass, or can be used in several decorative fashions.

The LiteRays Litepod is a larger diameter unit that can be attached to the underside of almost any drinking glass or used on its own.

Films can easily be removed to be replaced by any new graphic that catches your imagination. As well, films can be created by the user or ordered from Litefx. So, for the creative person… WOW!

Each Literays unit allows 8 color modes from which to choose: red, green, blue, orange, cayenne, pink, white and a color cycling final mode. Just choose your color and enjoy.

LiteRays can be used at any event such as birthday parties, weddings, mitzvahs and corporate functions. With many graphic images from which to choose, you can provide a unique decorating element to any event.

“As a professional photographer, I am always looking for an interesting way to use light”, says Vanderschuit. “ When I thought to make light flow over a surface and literally paint it with light, using graphics and logos was an obvious extension.”

LiteRays are currently a Kickstarter Project ( www.kickstarter.com ) so you are invited to check it out there.

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