The Live Screen is a sculptural, self-irrigating vertical planter system that is comprised of tiered, organic-shaped pods that can house many different forms of vegetation. This living piece of art not only enhances the ambiance of an interior, but promotes plant growth, sustains biodiversity, improves air quality and can serve as a healthy herb and produce source. Urban homes & offices lack both interior and exterior space to sustain plant growth. That’s why this stand-alone, vertical structure is both modular and moveable and is designed so that it can be placed anywhere in an interior. The use of vertical hydroponic technology optimizes space and simplifies the process of growing your own plants so that urban dwellers may reap all the benefits of a healthier living environment. Its function-forward and aesthetically pleasing design enables people to harness their own green thumb in a modern and exciting new way, thus connecting people on a personal level, with the ability to grow their own fresh, healthy house plants, herbs and produce in their very own homes and offices.