Living Ledge Vertical Garden Container - Herb Garden
Living Ledge Vertical Garden Container - Kitchen Garden
Living Ledge Vertical Garden Container - Houseplants

Grow up the fun way with the patented Living Ledge™ Vertical Garden Container.

Living Ledge™ is the first and only functional vertical gardening system on the market. First functional because it allows the planter portion of the unit to be rotated, combating the forces of phototropism and water-tight separate shelf that provides a mess-free vertical garden area. Made up of a food grade, UV resistant acrylic, we use mega-strong suction cups on the shelf portion, allowing anyone to temporary adhere it to completely smooth surface to vertically garden in any season. It’s great for sustainable urban gardening, indoor or outdoor gardening, herb/kitchen gardening, veggie gardening, flower boxes, educational for kids and easily accessible for seniors and those with disabilities… anyone who loves gardening.