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Sustainable Cultivation Units

Concept of Design

The product has designed to reduce tree consumption in plant growing and cultivation. Living Pots are sustainable cultivation units that are comprised of %100 recyclable and reused materials. Made out of simple bent metal pieces and scrap pieces of log, product is flat-packed and can be easily assembled. Enabling energy and space efficiency, it is a living pot for both personal and industrial use.

Background of Design

With an objective of reducing wood consumption, unit is designed as a sustainable pot for plants, herbs and mushrooms. Using scrap parts from industrial wood processing, unit is a minimalistic end product for environmentally conscious growers with less carbon footprint.
With a growing popularity, organic cultivation is practiced both for industrial and individual purposes. Designed unit offers an ecological way for growing and cultivating with its wood material that fits better than plastics in terms of breathing. Especially in mushroom cultivation, instead of conventional sliced logs for its moisture, this unit provides advantages equally while preventing trees from being cut. Approximately 4000 logs are inoculated each year with an estimated %16 percentage of damage. Alongside its modularity for maintenance and reuse of parts, unit also systemizes the piling of stacks in industrial usage.

Materials and Manufacturing

Three bent metal sheets plus two pieces of log. Low profile materials are turned into high profile pot with minimized material usage. Living pot unit has a length of 1 meter, however it can be cut in demanded lengths, as one size fits all.
When the cylindrical logs are sliced into rectangular prisms for industrial purposes, outer parts become left over due to their circular sections. Every log truncation, four pieces are produced. Almost all the time, these pieces end up with burning. Instead of that, to obtain a living pot unit, two of them are combined with three bent metal parts and filled with moist soil. The log sides provide the moisturized condition, whereas the metal parts enable holding, carrying, and stacking units. All parts required comes in a box as a set and easily built with screws.
Besides the units, three row, four row and five row modules are optionally provided. These modules are basically pipe structures on which the units are fastened. Each row holds seven units aligned both inside and outside, on top of each other. After the alignment is finished, the module should be covered with a piece of cloth to create a gloomy environment. Also this cloth isolates the units and reduces the pest risk. After the System is set, if any damages occurs on a piece of log, without throwing away, only that piece can be replaced and healthy half of the unit is rescued from damping. If a whole unit is out of service, taking that one out of the pile needs only unfastening few bolts – takes just minutes. There is no need to disturb any other unit.
Living pots, designed by Dr.Hakan Gürsu is a winner of Green Dot Awards 2012.