Bookcase LivingBlock
Bookcase and Stool LivingBlock
Coat stand and Chair LivingBlock
Dresser LivingBlock
Dressing table and Stool LivingBlock
Red Bookcase LivingBlock

LivingBlock Collection by Antonio Serrano.

The LivingBlock product range is designed with two key values of Mad Lab in mind: sustainability and recycling. Our proposal is to make a product that has no mechanisms or hardware. It has glued joints and is finished with natural waxes. Evidently, craftsmanship plays an important role.

We ensure that the materials used to manufacture this range, such as pine and oak, are locally sourced within Spain. The board is made with solid wood scraps and held together by a finger joint. Therefore the board has the appearance of mapping and provides the value of natural wood without using a lot of resources.

LivingBlock could be defined as “a drawer and four sticks”. This structure reminds me of my childhood – I used to play with wooden boxes and remnants of broomsticks that we would sharpen with a razor. With these boxes and sticks we experimented with the different things we could make, such as boats. These structures fed our imagination and took us on numerous adventures.