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Llär bed by Aino Delgado and Sara Peñas

Llar is a bed designed according to the principles of Montessori method. It has been developed by Sara Penas, Interior designer, and Aino Delgado, Product designer, who have been formed in the School of Design of Valencia.

Llar’s design is characterized for being lower than traditional beds. The mattress is at the ground level so that children can have access to it easily and independently. In this way, the smallest ones can be adventurers and feel Llar like their own.

This is a simple and cool design. The structure is made up of pinewood tubes and unions made by biodegradable 3D printing. The product uses a neutral chromatic range, avoiding colors which can influence boys and girls.

In order to develop the product, the designers have used environmentally friendly materials, avoiding the use of harmful and unnecessary elements. The pieces of the structure are fitted together, so that there is no need to use any external element such as screws or adhesives for its stability.

Photos: Maria Blaquez







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