Create a comfortable and homey ambient for all type of public and integrated in the surroundings are the premises for brand and interior design. Vitale converts an old manor house on a bucolic and family spirit hair salon. Located in Morella (Castellón, Spain), the hair salon has been projected according to the aesthetic essence of local buildings and using local materials.

A local of 40m2 is suitable to provide a comfortable waiting area and maximize the space for 3 cutting stations and a makeup area whose protagonist is an old barber Triumph chair that has been restored. It has been taken special emphasis on providing the adequate lighting with traditional cabaret lamps in mirrors.

The herringbone shaped pine wood structures act as a lattice that separates the counter of the waiting area. Cutting and washing areas are undivided spaces visually connected. The wall is coated white tiles that offers a traditional ambience. The result is a bright, austere and honest space.

Juan Giner, 11. Morella. Castellón. Spain


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