joining elements in a chair
multi-purpose of “L” elements: stacking, mobility, drawing board, rest support, lounge chair, coffee table, bench, shelving, landscape
enjoying coffee
moving around
reading in the local bookstore

LLSTOL was developed in Ljubljana, Slovenia at the Faculty of Architecture and it is a collaboration between the author student Luka Lo?i?nik, mentor prof. mag. Tadej Glažar MA (BIA) and factory STOL & STOL. The project began as a short workshop on the chair, useful for young people, users of smaller apartments and affordable price. Web: www.LLSTOL.com
LLSTOL is a very simple, comfortable and multi-functional lounge chair. It consist of two identically “L” shaped elements that can be easily folded and stored in a small space. Chair is transformable and can be used for various purposes. The “L” shaped element proved to be the configuration best adaptable to multiple uses. Its basic use is as a lounge chair, but it can be transformed into other furniture types very easy and without complex details or metal components. You can also assemble small table or bench and with more elements even a bookshelves or some kind of landscape. It is made from moulded beech plywood and coated with natural oil. In addition, it is possible to produce different perforations or use textile accessory “sock”. With them you can customize your chair. Socks were developed by textile prof. Almira Sadar.

The chair is most suitable for students, middle genaration and young families with small apartments where the chair’s transformable qualities are best expressed. Because of its size and adaptability to many situations, the chair can be stored and then used as an extra seat when one has guests. Beside its many domestic uses, we think the chair suitable for public buildings e.g., coffee shops, galleries, student dormitories, hotel lobbies, libraries, book shops etc.

You can pre-order chair till 20 th September on kickstarter webside: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nklansek/llstol-0
to support and help break through the first Slovenian product at this platform.