Drinking coffee may be light activity and / or short-lived … but for those who drink this resource, represents an opportunity to socialize and pleasant pause in the daily life.


The opportunity to design a cup, has the ability to move and cause the individual from the privacy of your home. Housing, work and leisure … are the three main areas that are articulated and becoming just the act of drinking coffee. A cup of coffee as event sets a high, a break …. you can set the start of the day, the pretext for encounters and to define the end of a lunch, not forgetting that for some represents the beginning of the extended hours of work and study. These events represent the many activities that define the act in a dynamic spatial and programmatic terms. With the design of the coffee cup is intended to express the dynamic through stressing triangular morphology in the corners and comparing these spaces as connection points (housing, work and leisure areas). Through formal action revolves fold without losing the notion of continuity, as when we decided to articulate our daily, without losing our jobs ….. sequence having coffee!.


– Refractured Ceramic Stoneware call.
– Ability to temperatures up to 250.
– Can be used in microwave oven and dishwasher.
        – Has the ability to 2oz.