three units composition
vertical panel
horizontal panel
assembling process
wall composition
wine rack restaurant application
assembling kit
production phase

Loop is a practical and playful multifunctional cork holder. Easy to assemble, it can be mounted on various supports, allowing multiple compositions and diverse uses. Thanks to its simple design and to cork’s properties, Loop is fit for different environments and contexts. The complete product line includes units, which can be individually applied directly by the user, pre-assembled modular panels and larger customised walls.

Loop is designed and developed by Lisbon based designers Aldo Tornaghi, Filipe Carvalho and Ana Ponte for Playmat, an emerging Portuguese design brand, which aim is to revert the creative process of design concept, allowing the material choose the object it will translate to and minimizing its transformation phase.

The core material is high density cork agglomerate, stamped, pierced and finished with oxidised eyelets, while the panels are layered levels of laminated plywood board (locally used as formwork for concrete casting) and an agglomerate cork board, having the same density and finish of the Loop itself.

Cork was chosen for its physical properties, such as flexibility and durability, and for being an organic, renewable material. Cork is extracted from the bark of a Cork Oak Tree. The harvesting of cork doesn’t harm the tree; in fact, no trees are cut down during the harvesting process. Only the bark is extracted, a new layer of cork regrows, making it a renewable resource.

Loop is manufactured by hand using low-tech machineries; in fact little transformation is needed for the raw material to become the final product.