Water bottle found in park
Ball cap found in park
Hook attached to chain link fence
Kids bag found in park
Keys found on curb
Track down lost items on social media
Hook attached to sign post

#LostFound is a community driven lost and found system that utilizes 3D printing and social media to connect people with misplaced items. The attention grabbing red hooks are designed to attach to sign posts and chain link fences, which can be found throughout any urban setting. When you come across a lost item, just hang it on the nearest #LostFound hook, and post with a picture and location on Twitter or Instagram using the #found on each hook. The owner of the item can track it down by checking social media with the #LostFound to see if anyone has come across their missing item. By installing a few hooks in your neighborhood, you can help to build a system that will enable people to help their neighbors connect with lost belongings. Available for purchase or download.