The Lucas Taylor Tie Clip is made of handcrafted Cocobolo heartwood taken from the classiest tree in Central America.

Cocobolo is the Frank Sinatra of woods–classy, sophisticated, and timeless. Known for its durability and beautiful finish, Cocobolo is used to make fine furniture and musical instruments. Because of the high demand for this species of wood, it has become one of the most rare and expensive varieties in the world.

Unlike other wood tie clips, the Lucas Taylor boasts a routed groove in back to secure the metal portion of the clip, offering superior durability and fashionability. The final product is hand sanded and stained for a sleek and professional finish that is sure to attract attention–unless you don’t want it to, in which case it won’t.

The wood face of the clip is two inches long, allowing it to be worn with a variety of different ties including that skinny one your girlfriend likes and that fat seventies one your grandpa gave you as a graduation gift.